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Patient Hygiene
Body Wash
Hair Wash
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Oasis Bedbath
Moist Cleansing wipes
One simple step
without water, bowls,
washcloths, soaps,
towels and lotions
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Oasis Shampoo Cap
Special rinse-free
formula solves hair
washing problems
Body Wash
Skin Cleansing
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Oasis Bedbath
Antibacterial wipes will benefit
vulnerable individuals
who are more susceptible
to infections. Clinically proven
to reduce the level of bacteria
on the skin
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Oasis Active
Anti-Bacterial Skin
Cleansing Wipes
Provides a broad
spectrum anti-microbial
activity against bacteria,
bacteria spores, viruses,
fungal cells and spores,
and also mycobacteria
Skin Cleansing
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Conti Standard
Dry Patient Wipes
Cost effective wipe is
soft to the skin and perfect
for everyday use
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Clinisan Bodywash
Body wash, shampoo
and foam bath in one,
containing Chlorhexidine
and Tea Tree Oil to help
combat skin infections and
kill microorganisms