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Critical Care Ventilator
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Aeolus is Medec’s synergy of 40 years of experience in lung ventilation and modern-day, highly ergonomic design, controlled by the latest state-of-the-art technology. This new-generation critical care station is our latest solution for a wide range of patients requiring respiratory assistance, from neonates to obese patients. Its powerful turbine-driven ventilation, capable of delivering very high flow rates, guarantees the highest precision ventilation over an extensive set of ventilation modes, as well as in non-invasive modes, as well as in non-invasive ventilation. 
Its unique
PureTouch® user interface allows you to swiftly monitor and adjust ventilation parameters on a 18.5 inch full-colour capacitive touchscreen with a touch of a finger. Swipe through waveforms in a fluent motion and browse through settings effortlessly with an unprecedented simplicity and visual acuity.
Intuitive PureTouch® user interface
Ventilation modes simplified & user-friendly
High-end & Turbine-driven
Ergonomic design

Level of hypnosis & nociception
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NIV Mask
BiTrac™ Select Full Face Mask
This mask is bilevel compatible and disposable.  It has multi-adjustment fittings using the OmniClip™ and four sizes: Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult Extra Large. Along with 4 sizes it offers a selection of 4 cushion shapes, all made of silicone for an efficient yet comfortable seal to fit any patient's face. In addition we offer 7 Interchangeable Elbows to fit your patients' needs.
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